The Stash

Boss VB-2 Vibrato - Boss CE-1 - Maine Guitars

Some things are just too good to part with. Here are a few of the items in my personal stash (Boss CE-1 and VB-2 pictured above) :

Lee Ranaldo - Sonic Youth - DOD - Digitech - Maine Guitars

Lee Ranaldo’s Digitech 2s Delay


Maestro - Oberheim - Gibson - Vintage Effects - Maine Guitars

Maestro Phase Shifter & Octave Box


Maestro - Oberheim - Vintage Effects - Fuzz - Phaser - Maine Guitars

Maestro early Ring Modulator, Phase Shifter, Fuzz-Tone (FZ-1B) & Octave Box

Maestro - Oberheim - Gibson - Vintage Effects - Maine Guitars

Maestro MFZ-1 Fuzz

VIntage Maestro Fuzz-Tones - Noise From Maine - Maine Guitars - Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones

Maestro Fuzz-Tone's FZ-1A & FZ-1B 

Boss Effects - Vintage Boss - Maine Guitars

2 of the first 3 compact Boss pedals (both silver screw long dash from 78/79)


Zoom Choir - Maine Guitars - Rare effects

Very rare and very awesome Zoom Choir


Vibro Champ - Fender - Tube Amps - Maine Guitars

1978 Fender Silver Face Vibro Champ

 Noise From Maine - Maine Guitars - Fender Stratocaster - Fender Vibro Champ - Fender Reverb Unit - Fender Musicmaster Amp - Fender Princeton Reverb - Farm Pedals

Fender Vibro Champ, Fender Musicmaster Bass Amp, Fender ‘63 Reverb Unit, Farm Pedals strap. Strat and Princeton Reverb Reissue available for sale at Maine Guitars

Marshall - Blues Breaker - Shred Master - Vintage Effects Pedals - Maine Guitars

Original 90s Marshall Pedal lineup  


Boss HM-2 - Heavy Metal - Boss Effects Pedals - Maine Guitars

Japanese Boss Heavy Metal HM-2


Analogman - JHS - Keeley Electronics - Maine Guitars - Boss DS-1 - Effects Pedal Mods

Boss DS-1’s with Analogman, Keeley Electronics & JHS pedal mods


Keeley Electronics - Analogman - JHS pedals - Effects Pedal Mods - Maine Guitars - Tube Screamers

Ibanez Tube Screamers with Analogman, Keeley Electronics & JHS pedal mods

 Vintage DOD 680 Analog Delay - Reticon Chip - Maine Guitars - The Stash

Vintage DOD 680 Analog Delay (Reticon SAD4096 chip)


Fender Reverb Unit - 1963 - Tube Reverb - Maine Guitars

1963 Fender Reverb Unit


80s Roland Jazz Chorus (with original foot switch!) Modded Fender Custom Vibrolux & ‘89 Gibson SG prehistoric

1989 Gibson SG ‘61 Reissue, 80s Jazz Chorus (with original 3 way footswitch!), Rebuilt 1963 Fender Reverb Unit

Vintage Boss Effects - Boss OD-1 - Boss PH-1 - Boss DS-1 - Maine Guitars

boss pedals

Most of the Boss original lineup

Rare Boss OC-2 Octaver Pedal - The Stash - Maine Guitars

Rare Boss Octaver OC-2 (Before it was changed to Octave)

Eddie Van Halen - Boss GE-10 - Maine Guitars

Some 40+ yr old Boss GE-10’s, same kind Eddie Van Halen used.

Boss TB-2w - Boss Tone Bender - Maine Guitars - New England - Macaris

Boss TB-2W Tone Bender

Boss Waza Craft Pedals - Maine Guitars - New England

Boss Waza Craft Lineup

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