Friends of Maine Guitars

 Seger Guitars

Seger Guitars - Maine Guitars

Stunning hand made custom electric guitars by master luthier Dallas Seger in Bangor Maine.

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 Strange Audio Electronics

Strange Audio Electronics - Maine Guitars

Tube Amplifiers Built to Last

From vintage recreations to custom designs, all Strange Audio Electronics amps are built in Pennsylvania one at a time, hand made with premium components. Built for a lifetime in the studio or on the road, with craftsmanship and sound quality you can rely on. 

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 Honey Picks

 Honey Picks - Handmade Picks - Maine Guitars 

Handcrafted, custom guitar picks from Taylorsville, NC

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 Gear Ant

Gear Ant - Custom Enclosures - Maine Guitars

Custom hand painted enclosures from Brooklyn, NY, for all your DIY needs. Have an idea? Shoot us a message!

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