Wuddup Maxon!

Maxon Effects - Ibanez - Noise From Maine - Maine Guitars

Founded in Japan as Nisshin Onpa in the mid-sixties, Maxon first specialized in the manufacture of pickups for electric guitars, although in 1969 they started designing effect pedals. These however were not under their own brand, but were sold under other well-known brand names (OEM) such as Ibanez™.


Maxon has been making some of the best effects since the 70s, we’re always excited when we get vintage and new pedals from Maxon. Whether it’s classics like the D&S II or AD-80 or crazy cool new pedals like the Pure Analog Chorus 9 or the AD999pro (both using bucket brigade chips)

Check out our great selection of Maxon pedals vintage and new at maineguitars.com!


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