Why ‘Back to the Beach’ sould be a cult classic!

Back to the Beach - Dick Dale - Stevie Ray Vaughn - Noise from Maine - Maine Guitars

One of my favorite movies growing up was a parody of of the beach party movies of the 60’s, Back to the Beach, starring the mouseketeers own Annette Funicello and former teen idol Frankie Avalon, not to mention Lori Loughlin, most recently known for bribing her daughters way into UCLA. I recently rewatched it and you know what? It’s still my favorite movie.

Dick Dale - Surf Music - Stevie Ray Vaughn - Noise From Maine - Maine Guitars

For one the dialogue is hilarious, especially the son, Bobby, secondly, performances by Fishbone, Dick Dale & Stevie Ray Vaughan! Not to mention cameos by David Bowie, Pee Wee Herman, Bob Denver (Gilligan) & many more. I can’t recommend this movie enough!

Annette Funicello - Frankie Avalon - Pee Wee Herman - Back to the Beach - Noise From Maine - Maine Guitars 

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