What's up with Feedback pedals?

Feedback Frenzy: Comparing The BOSS DF-2 And FB-2

Feedback is fun. Feedback is really fun. But in order to generate it and control it you need a perfect combination of a couple of key elements. For starters you need volume, and that can present certain challenges in the home environment. Secondly you need a feedback-friendly environment. You may be able to coax feedback out of your amp at just the right volume but there are all sorts of sweet spots in a room or on a stage where you’ll find different harmonic overtones. The one you’re standing it could just plain be wrong for the guitar, the amp, the key of the song you’re playing. Get those two elements wrong and you’re in trouble. Nobody wants to have neighbours bashing down their door at 2am complaining that their rendition of “Flying In A Blue Dream” is a little iffy, right?

By I Heart Guitar

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