Is there money hidden in your attic?

For many people, the idea of a sudden windfall is the ultimate dream. Fortunately, there's one surprising source of cash many people aren't counting on: your attic. In fact, many of the items that are simply gathering dust in the recesses of your house could be an unexpected source of income, from that book collection you've had in boxes for years to those toys you haven't touched since you were a kid. 

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We’re the spot in Maine & New England to sell your vintage guitars, effects pedals & amplifiers. From Fender, Gibson, Guild, Martin, Taylor, Squier, Epiphone, Kay, Harmony and more! Don't go to the pawn shop or Guitar Center, we'll pay out more than any shop in Maine!

Even if you think your stuff is junk, it could be a treasure to someone else:

Think you might have some hidden musical treasures gathering dust? Sell your gear here.

Read more about non musical hidden treasures you may have here.

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